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Galaxy S10 best wallpapers for hiding the camera hole

Galaxy S10 best wallpapers for hiding the camera hole. After launching the Samsung Galaxy S10 series, people were a bit worry the idea of a hole punch in the screen for the front facing camera system. But with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 series phones something rather amazing happened. Instead of hating the whole punch, the community embraced creative Photoshop ninjas have created some very fun wallpapers to take advantage of the hole punches.

s10 best wallpapers

In fact an entire SubReddit has been created for people to share their whole punch wallpapers. Here you can find wallpaper.

In this post we’ve collected a handful of wallpapers that we thought were particularly fun. Some wallpaper simply fade the area around the hole punched a black. And while some of them are a bit simplistic. The Star Wars Millennium Falcon wallpaper is pretty neat.

Possibly one of the best uses of the Samsung Galaxy S10’s hole punch was with Bender from Futurama. There’s quite a few variations which isn’t a surprise. Rather tongue in cheek is wallpaper uses a certain other phone’s rear camera for the S10. Hexagon pattern reminds us a bit of channel sponsored DB brands new hive skin designed for the S10+. Well it’s not the most battery friendly.

Samsung themselves embrace the community’s response to the whole punches and came up with some of their own wallpapers. S10 wallpapers feature fun little lamp design and I’m guessing that’s a pond on the East End plus side of things we’ve got a cute submarine as well as an alien UFO. It’s great to see OEMs like Samsung embracing the community like this. Well respected Android developer release an app specifically for has 10 users known as hidey hole. This app collects punch wallpapers in a singular location allowing people to easily discover new wallpapers for their device.

Wallpapers listed in this post:

1 . Star Wars Millennium Falcon

2. Futarama

3. Wallpaper 3

4. Hexagons v2 amoled

5. Sloth s10 plus

6. Cutout pattern with gradient colors

7. Change your S10 to S10+