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How to enable Developer Options in Android device

Developer Options of an Android device is a hidden feature!! All the android smartphones have this feature. And this options can be usable for the expert users only. If you are a normal user, you don’t need to enable developer options. From the developer options, anyone can change advanced settings of Smartphones. You will find new options on developer options. You can turn of your android background running services, disable or enable auto update system. USB debugging mode can be controlled from here. Another option will keep mobile data turned on at all times, even while Wi-Fi is in use, to make it quicker to switch networks.

Disable the Bluetooth absolute volume feature in case of volume issues with remote devices such as unacceptably loud volume or lack of control. Androids’ touch response can be controlled by Window animation scale, Transition animation scale and Animator duration scale. You can also limit background process from this option. And many other options will find from developer options which will depend on you. To enable this option on your device, please follow the instructions are given below.

android developer mode

Enable Developer Options:

1: All the smartphones have a “About Phone” option. This option can be found on setting option. At first you should go to your setting option. And tap on this option. Here you can seeAbout Phone” option.

2: Then click on “About phone” option. This option may vary with your device model. But all of them are slightly different. And wish, you may not face any problem to find it. After tapping on this option a new option will open on your android device. Here, legal information and other information are found.

If you are a Samsung user, then you will find the option like as the picture which is given below. For other devices, the option doesn’t same but its not a difficult process to find.

3: Now, tap on “software information” option or the option, where you will find an option named “Build Number”. Now, tap on “software information” option or the option, where you will find an option named “Build Number. After tapping a few times you will get the developer option.

4: Now, you will find Developer options on your device. Go to Setting option and scroll down and a new option will appear here.

How to disable Developer options on Android:

After enabling developer options, if you want to disable developer option on your smartphone, it’s an easy process to disable this option. But some devices have a problem to disable developer options.

First go to setting option, then tap on “Apps. Now click on “setting. Here you will find storage option.

At this time, tap on storage. Then clean your setting app storage data. Now you can not find your “Developer options.

Note: If you face any problem to changing developer options, then comment on below.