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Top 20 Best Android Apps of 2019

Top 20 Best Android Apps of 2019. Here are top 20 Android apps 2019 that you should check out to get the year started off right. I genuinely think all these apps are amazing no matter how many downloads they have. So thumbs up for top 20 android apps.

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Anyways it started off right with some wallpaper apps. The first one is called Amoled walls and the second one is called Wall Hub. Both are created by the same developer and I absolutely love his creations. I’m glad walls is for those who want a dark themed background. Perfect if you have an old cause it’ll save you some battery and the true black background will really make the icons in which pop on your home screen.

If you prefer bright and colorful walls instead than wall hub is a great alternative. It has plenty of categories to choose from including abstract material minimal and even a few YouTube rules. If yours truly is included. But yeah, both apps have over a thousand walls to choose from and quite tasty. So definitely check them out.

Amoled Walls

Wall Hub

The first best app of 2019 is an MNML Screan Recorder. You know there aren’t that many great screen recorder apps for Android nowadays. A lot of them have ads or are a bit outdated so it’s kind of a relief to finally find one that is simple easy to use and records in the best resolution possible. It doesn’t even have ads which should be a plus for a lot of people. A very straightforward app that gets the job done.

Of course I have to throw in my favorite launcher it’s called Lawnchair 2. If you want to know a gray alternative that isn’t Nova Launcher I also recommend Hyperion launcher. It’s pretty feature packed with plenty of unique features like font configurations fingerprint on that locations for your private apps very detailed options for themes and so forth.

MNML Screan Recorder

Lawnchair 2

Hyperion launcher

Don’t worry I won’t count this recommendation as the third app though. The third app is actually fluid navigation gestures. The fluid navigation gesture just isn’t one of them. It’s bubbly animations really bring something unique to the table and it gives you a bit more screen real estate when compared to the regular android pie gesture nap bar swiping up from the center would jump the phone to the home screen swiping and holding we’ll bring up my recent page swiping from the left. Go back and swiping on the right will bring down the notifications panel but I can’t configure the app to launch whatever tasks I’d like with whatever gesture I do including an action an app or a shortcut. Just keep in mind that you will need to use HDB or have room access to hide your stock. Now bar and some features such as launching apps by using the navigation gestures is only available by purchasing the pro version which cost a dollar and 99 cents.

Fluid Navigation Gestures

Moving on Play J is a great way to stream your screen with your friends and video chat with them at the same time. The idea is simple Just make sure your friend also has the app add them by texting them a request so let the app you like to show off and then choose the chat style and hit lunch.

Play J

Once your friend answers the call he or she will be able to see your screen where you can show them your amazing Angry Birds skills or have them help you with a problem that you’re having with your phone. We all know that phones displays are getting bigger each year and these devices are getting harder to use with just one hand reaching the top half of the screen requires repositioning your hand so you can tap or swipe a single object. So here’s a solution.

Try out Reachability Cursor when swiping from either side of the screen you can pull up a digital or deep had to control the top part of your phone with a cursor drag it around to move the cursor and tap on it to click it the d pad then disappears when you type away from it or after a few seconds of an activity. It’s perfect for tapping on those Instagram Stories or the address bar in Google Chrome.

Reachability Cursor

Another GRI app that can help you with one handed use is Bottom Quick Settings. All this does is move your Quick Settings panel down to the bottom and you can still toggle settings like Wi-Fi Bluetooth flash etc. Sure there are a few settings I require room access to toggle instantly but everything still works really well. Now I’m one of those college students who secretly records the professor’s hour long lectures just in case I missed something he said or I didn’t understand a particular subject he was talking about but those voice recordings tend to be really long and I don’t enjoy listening to his hour long lectures all over again so I just use
Otter Voice Notes to transcribe the recordings automatically.

Otter Voice Notes

Then I can quickly search something he was talking about like a math problem and boom there it is. I also love how this app keeps all your conversations in the cloud so you can quickly access your conversations on other devices and if you voice record with this app it will transcribe the conversations in real time which is next level stuff. If you snap a picture while you record he will add the visual content to the conversations in line. You can even create groups for inviting people to view and share your recordings. There are plenty more features within this app.

Just a line is a neat little experiment by Google. You can make simple drawings in midair by pressing your finger in the middle of the screen and moving the phone around every deal you make will stay in the same spot so you can create some amazing videos. You can even draw with another person if you so choose someone on Twitter recommend a checkout I see and I found it to be really useful.

Just a Line

So if you’re an Android customize a you know the pain of trying to find the best looking icon within the multiple icon packs that you have on your phone. Why Iconzy lets you search through all your install icon packs at the same time to find the perfect icon. It’s basically a universal icon searcher works with whatever launcher you have now One+ gestures is the only picked up on this list costing 1.49 dollars. But I had to throw in it for all my fellow techies who just want a solid gesture now bar one that’s similar to Austin OS is navigation gestures so you can have the ultimate screen real estate and the freedom of choosing what each swipe does. Sure you need HDB to hide your stock now bar but once you do it’ll run without a problem. It’s very similar to fluid navigation gestures just doesn’t have those crazy animations for those looking to wake up with some YouTube jam.

Checkout Spot alarm clock for YouTube. It’s a simple alarm clock that will play you playlists and tracks to wake you up in the morning. That’s pretty much all it does but it’s still very useful since I haven’t seen a stock clock app do this yet the same developer increased bottom for YouTube also made one for Spotify.


One+ gestures

Spot alarm clock for YouTube

Now I know the stock Google clock app or race supports Spotify but you can you spot on as a sleep timer so once you’re listening to your music you can select how long you like to listen to your playlist and after the timer is up Spotify will stop playing. Speaking of music 1 lyrics is the best app to pull up lyrics to a song that is playing on your phone. It supports the majority of music services and a ton of songs you can pull out the lyrics by looking in the Notification panel or swiping from the right edge of the screen. You can even download the lyrics for offline use if you own a tablet or a second phone you know the struggle of only having your primary phone notify you of incoming texts.

Call Snapchat or WhatsApp notifications or you can solve this issue by using Bridge – Mirror notifications on your main device to your secondary devices. Not only can you read the same notifications but you can do all the same quick actions that just dismiss reply like delete and more and every notification you dismiss on one device will also be dismissed on all your other devices. If you’re looking to remap your Google assistant home button shortcut then you can use Assistant shortcuts long person the home button can now slide down your notification panel. Take a screenshot open an app.

SpotOn – Sleep & Wake Timer for Spotify


Bridge – mirror notifications

Assistant Shortcuts

Turn on the flashlight and more. If you ever use a Samsung you probably know that they have a feature called edge screen which allows you to pull up a multitude of panels with your favorite apps contacts weather etc with Edge screen S10 you can do the same thing with a few unique panels to choose from. For example I can have a panel for my future apps contacts WhatsApp contacts a calculator soft keys tools weather music player a compass widgets and more. Plus you can customize the crap out of this app so give it a shot.

For those who have a notch on their gorgeous 2019 flagship you can use Nacho notch to hide it. I know most ones already have an option for this but a few devices like the pixel 3 Excel hide the notch in a horrible way. For example the saying To hide the not just buried deep within the settings under the developer options and want to hide the groove. This dies bar gets dropped below the notch which gives you less screen space all notch does is change the color of the star’s bar blank. Making a better fit with your head and notch and you can quickly enable it within the Quick Settings panel. Sip News is a great way to get notified about trending topics are related to tech and also a great way to get insight on what other people think.

Edge Screen S10

Nacho Notch — Notch Hider

Sip News – Tappable stories on tech

I love how simple and straightforward the stories are. In a lot of them are very interesting. It’s kind of funny how I’m showing you all these apps that will make you use your phone even more. However the next app is a great way to help you use your phone less. It’s called Thrive Away. Once you tap on begin and set the timer the app won’t let you use your phone for that fixed amount of time it’ll block all apps notifications calls and text. However you can’t give if you contacts VIP access so they can contact you anyways and it will auto reply to messages letting them know that you’re taking a break from your cell phone. On top of that you can block specific app for a certain amount of time. Blast app on this list is empty folder cleaner as the name implies it will remove all empty folders bound within your internal stores left behind from third party applications.


Empty folder cleaner

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